Time Measuring System

The accuracy of time measurement is entrusted to AMB TIMING which uses technology and equipment for timing, just like in Formula 1.

Sofia Karting Ring maintains a database of all its customers’ performance data, storing their records and lap times from each visit to the racetrack.

If you want to have a complete history of your driving and results – RaceFacer.com is your place where, after you create your profile, you will get the information from the racetrack, as well as many other opportunities through which you will improve your track results.


Sofia Karting Ring focuses on the safe driving of go-karts – the track is equipped with all the necessary elements that guarantee the highest safety levels – barricades, special flooring for extremely good traction, and safety belts on the karts.


Sofia Karting Ring is the first racetrack in the world which has offered its clients the newest kart model by the leading and famous supplier Sodi.

Safety Instructions

Sofia Karting Ring Safety Instructions Video