Persons under 16 years of age must register at the first visit via a declaration filled out at the reception of SOFIA KARTING RING by an adult – companion (parent/ guardian / custodian).

Go-kart Safety Rules

  1. Pilots must wear a balaclava and a helmet ALL the time while driving the kart.
  2. It is forbidden to pilot a kart with unzipped / unbuttoned clothes.
  3. Pilots are forbidden to suddenly change the direction while driving in order to hit or overtake another go-kart.
  4. Pilots must drive only in the allowed track direction.
  5. It is absolutely forbidden to get out of the kart on the territory of the racetrack.
  6. After pilots get on the track, they should start driving SLOWLY – cold tires have low traction (the time for warming up the tires is different depending on the track).
  7. If you turn and cannot continue, you must stay in the kart, raise your hand up and wait for a staff member to assist you.
  8. Pilots are absolutely forbidden to stop on the track to wait for another pilot.
  9. If a pilot violates the safety rules, they will be suspended from the current session. In case of a repeated violation, the pilot will be prohibited to access the Karting track.
  10. After a red flag is waved, slowly reduce the speed and stop the kart at the area shown by the instructor.

Flags and Signals

bgFlag Competition starts

green The track is in good condition or start of training warmup lap

yellow Danger, overtaking prohibited, “Slow down”

white Slow kart on the track

blackAndWhite1 Displayed together with a plate and racer’s number for pilot’s unsportsmanlike conduct

blue Static – information about a pilot who is 1 lap behind the rest – waving – the pilot will be overtaken by 1 lap any moment

red All pilots must immediately end the race and return to the start line

check_flag End of session, training, or race

Safety Instructions

Sofia Karting Ring Safety Instructions Video